It’s time to put an end to envy

I sometimes struggle with envy. Let me try that again. I struggle with envy every day.

  • Envy happens when I look at Instagram and see someone else’s life filtered by Earlybird or Walden.
  • I envy when I see someone’s car that doesn’t have carseats in it.
  • I envy when I see how many more followers someone has on Twitter.
  • I envy when I hear about someone who published their book.
  • I envy when I’m talking to friends I love or strangers I was moments before completely indifferent to.

What complicates envy
Add to the struggle the difficulty of distinguishing between envy, admiration and a healthy dissatisfaction. A wiser and happier friend of mine recently told me that being unsatisfied isn’t a feeling we should suppress. It’s healthy to want more for our children (and I’m not just talking about material things). It’s healthy to want the kind of business you dream of. It’s healthy to want a deeper relationship with the God who created you. It’s what we use to measure our dissatisfaction that matters. (tweet that)

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How do you measure success?

Today is going to be a great day. I’m hosting and/or recording five podcasts (you can watch them live today) with some of my favorite people today. Josh Gordon from the Non-Conformist Family, Jon Acuff from, Rory Vaden, author of “Take The Stairs” and Ian Morgan Cron author of “Jesus, My Father, The Cia and Me”.

BlueRibbon by

The woman who handed me my bagel this morning said, “Have a good day!”

I replied, “I’m sure I will.”

Today will be a successful day because it’s a culmination of a lot of work. Each recording is another 40 minutes of content into the world. Each conversation will undoubtably enrich my mind and heart. The listeners that contact me from all over the world will no doubt also be encouraged and blessed by those conversations.

There are so many definitions of success. Mine is simple. Success is consistently shipping great content.

I can’t control how people react to it.
I can’t control who listens to it.
I can’t control if they take the encouragement and wisdom provided and make change in their lives.
I can’t control if they pass it on or not.

But, I can ship.
I can care about the  product.
I can enjoy every minute of creating it.
I can spread the word about it.
I can interact with those who leave comments and mention it on-line.
I can improve my life from the wisdom that is shared.
I can promote the authors and personalities that give me their time.

Some things you can control. Some things you can’t. Make sure your definition of success consists of things you can control. Then do them. How will you define success?