The Unlikely Key To Resolving Conflict In The Workplace and At Home

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You want clarity in your relationships at home. Resolving conflict in the workplace is equally important. You’re avoiding the very thing that will bring clarity and get rid of the lingering conflict once and for all.

Conflict brings clarity.(highlight to tweet)


Conflict is neither good nor bad, it’s just part of getting clarity. When conflict is done well the outcome is clarity. When it isn’t done well it causes even more confusion, hurt and anger.

Three Aspects of Healthy Conflict

1. Honest – Don’t say “It’s not a big deal” when confronting someone. Tell them that you’re hurt, confused or angry and give specific examples.

2. Direct – Don’t talk to someone else about a conflict, talk to the person you have the conflict with. This is the step people get wrong the most.

3. Mature – Planning ahead will allow you to stay calm and discuss the issues instead of just the feelings from the issues. Mature people seek a solution. Immature people seek to get even. Seek a solution over your own feelings of vindication.

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Gain Clarity In Your Relationships
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It’s Time To Take Permission; Why Learning Is A Crutch

You know enough. You’ve read enough books. You’ve read enough blog posts. You’ve watched enough TED talks. You’ve been to enough conferences.

You’re a learner, that’s great.

That’s not enough.

Why Learning Is Not Enough

Learning is not enough and our heroes are the proof. They’re our heroes because they take action.

Learning is a step in the process to achievement. Learn is not taking action. Taking action happens when we could fail. Taking action happens when what we do can change someone other than ourselves.

Learning is an investment in ourselves. Action is an investment in others.

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The Failure Test

You know enough but it doesn’t matter because what you need to do you’re not doing. Who you want to become can’t happen until you put yourself in positions where failure is an option and where fear is proven wrong.

My heroes (Seth Godin, Steven Pressfield, Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, Brenè Brown) are right. Facing fear is where life is found. If it’s not scary it’s not worth doing.

You know enough, now use it.

Sometimes you will fail but every time you will learn.

You’re afraid, so what? That means it’s worth doing.

You know enough but it doesn’t matter unless you take action.

Are You Going To Take Action?

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You know enough. It’s time to take action.

The Importance of Elevators: How To Find Success In Anything You Want To Achieve

The most important room in a building with more than two stories is the elevator.

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Without the elevator every person that needs to go up would have to spend incomparable amounts of effort getting to their destination. My brother works in a building without enough elevators and he’s constantly complaining about it. I’m sure he’s not the only one that it bothers.

Some observations about elevators

  • If you’re going to have one, build it into your plans, early.
  • Elevators put us closer to our destination.
  • They save us energy so we can spend it on our work.
  • They give us time to think about what is coming.
  • They know the way.
  • They’re not difficult to use but they do require us to be all in.
  • If we trust them they’ll take us where we need to go.
  • They let us bring other people with us.
  • They’re generous, they’ll help anyone that trusts them.

The elevators in my life

Pierce, Dan, Cliff, Mike, Seth, Jeff, Jon, Hugh, Tom…

Read this post again. It’s short. This time think about your desire for success and think about who your elevators are.

If you don’t have elevators life is much more difficult than it should be.

Don’t try to succeed on your own.

Build good elevators into your life.


(This post was inspired by one woman’s description of Seth Godin at a release party for his book Linchpin. That’s the best description I’ve ever heard of him. You can access the previously unreleased video by going to this page and then reading the first few paragraphs to find the hidden password for the video embedded a bit lower down that same page.)

Starting Something New; Why You Should Ship Scared

Over seven years ago I quit my last “job” and started Take Permission Media Network. It wasn’t called that yet but that’s what it became. Now I’m starting something new.

If you have 90 seconds to spare I’d appreciate you watching the video below to learn what I’m starting.

Starting Something New

I’m scared but I’m shipping anyway. If we wait until we’re not scared we’ll never ship.

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Here’s the new project

Here’s the new project

Why We Struggle To Publish What We Really Think

There’s a difference between what we think and what we say. We filter everything.

The moment you know your writing is going to be read by others your writing changes. That’s why you can’t journal on Facebook. That’s not journaling. Journaling is a private conversation.

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When we know we have an audience it changes what you say. We’re less honest. We’re more safe.
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