The Only Four Tools You Need to Self-publish Your Book (Free Webinar)

Tuesday February 18th 1PM Central

You can’t create a good product without the right tools so on Tuesday at 1pm Central I’m hosting a free webinar to show you the only four tools you need to self-publish your book.

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You’ll learn
– How to build your email list before and after you launch your book
– How to write more proficiently using the best program for writing
– How to create cover art for less than $40
– How to create a dynamic book that people read & listen to
– How to charge more for your book by adding bonus content

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How I work: PayPal Iphone App to Deposit Checks

Convenience comes at a price right? In this case the only cost is waiting a few more days for the money to hit your account. Here’s how I use the PayPal appon my iPod Touch (or iPhone) to deposit checks. There are a few banks that also offer this service but for you PayPal fans, this one’s for you.

Note: Limits check size to $1,000 and monthly limit of $3,000 deposited as of this posting.

Consuming content with Instapaper (How I Work Series)

Does anyone else see the irony that reading sites that are supposed to make you productive can have the opposite effect?  For fans of GTD (Getting Things Done) and sites like, productivity can be a wonderful pursuit but are usually a phenomenal waste of time. Ironically, which is supposed to help me “hack” my life to be more productive, used to distract me endlessely.  Instead of  just spending time on web sites and telling you to follow a Franklin Covey planner (I don’t own one) I’m sharing on how I get things done in my business.  Here’s why I’m sharing my work tips;

Reason #1 – Systems are critical to productivity. Even if you write poetry or paint canvases for a living you still need systems. If artists needs sytems, habits and structure to be productive then the rest of us do too. What’s your system for checking email, corresponding on Twitter, processing new customers or forecasting your cash flow? Yeah, we need systems.

Reason #2 – The more I share about how I work the more accountability I have to keep those systems going. I like to practice what I preach because I like to preach/teach a lot.

How I read articles when I don’t have time to read articles.

– Go to
– Click on the “Register” button on the top right and get an account
– On the right side of the page under the “Folders” section click on “Add Folder”
– Name your folders by topics that you have interest in. Keep the names short.

Here are my folders;

BetterBiz – Tips on improving productivity, marketing – Articles that are great sources of blog posts
For client – Articles my consulting clients would benefit from hearing about
Personal – uh, personal stuff
Post it – Articles that I want my Virtual Assistant to Tweet about. I also add comments to these articles once they’re in my Instapaper list. He uses that text and then creates a link to the article using Hootsuite and schedules the tweets to go out throughout the day. More on Hootsuite in future posts.
SMStrategy – More specific articles about my social media strategy
BTWshow – Articles for my Business Tech Weekly podcast

– Click one of your folders
– On the right side of your page you’ll see “Folder tools”. Drag the folder name in that section to your bookmarks toolbar and put it in a folder. Repeat this with all of your folder bookmarklets. When you click on the bookmarklet the page/article will be automatically added to that folder.
– To read your articles:

Four ways to visit your account.

Email them to your Kindle (see “Extras” button on for instructions).
Read them on your iPad with the Instapaper App
Download them to your Kindle automatically with Ephemera (mac only)
Download them to your Kindle automatically with Calibre (mac or pc) using this process

Happy reading. Let me know if this helps.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to take action on what you learn. The world needs you to ship.


How to add To Do List Templates in Basecamp by 37Signals

For those who use 37signals’ Basecamp service to manage projects this tip might save you some time. If you have repetitive processes for clients/teams you can create templates of to do lists and import them to projects with just a few steps. Here’s how. Let me know if it works for you and specifically what lists you’re automating.