Win at Jeopardy and life with the Forrest Bounce

If you want to win at life then you need to be willing to use the Forrest Bounce.

Arthur ChuArthur Chu has won over $102,000 on Jeopardy because he’s employing that unique strategy. He pics different amounts in different categories while playing Jeopardy and his opponents are having a difficult time keeping up.

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Purists are irrelevant
The goal of Jeopardy is to win fairly. Arthur Chu is winning and he’s not breaking any rules. If you want to win at life I suggest you take permission and try different categories. Move around and try different hobbies, restaurants, routes to work or even where you live. If some people don’t approve it doesn’t matter. It’s not their life or in Chu’s case, it’s not their game.

Who is your competition?
The competition that you need to outmaneuver is complacency, fear and the habit of doing what you know instead of what might be. In your business, your writing, your parenting and your dreaming, try the Forrest Bounce.

Move around.
Become unpredictable.
Surprise even yourself.

If you can ignore the purists and have the guts it’s a winning strategy. Just ask Arthur Chu.

Where do you mix things up in your life and vary from the “norm”? Has it paid off?
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Why most days fear wins

Most days in my life fear wins. It’s time for that to change so let’s spend a few minutes understanding fear and how it works.

Fear whispers because yelling is too obvious.

  • “It’ll never work.”
  • “You’re not the right messenger.”
  • “They’ll find out you’re a fake.”
  • “They won’t buy it, literally or figuratively.”

fear face

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84 Things About Healthy people

  1. Healthy people can help more people.
  2. Healthy people love more people.
  3. Healthy people create more.
  4. Healthy people laugh more.
  5. Healthy people encourage other people more.
  6. Healthy people sing more.
  7. Healthy people take more risks for the right reasons.
  8. Healthy people want to change and do something about it.
  9. Healthy people fail and keep going.
  10. Healthy people pass on their failures to help others avoid them.
    smiling baby
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  12. Healthy people laugh more quickly.
  13. Healthy people are better friends.
  14. Healthy people give more than is required or expected.
  15. Healthy people create healthy families.
  16. Healthy people adopt people into their family forever.
  17. Healthy people realize their health is a gift and try to keep it.
  18. Healthy people are grateful for any health they have, even if it’s fading.
  19. Healthy people don’t get frown lines.
  20. Healthy people help strangers.
  21. Healthy people will pay for your meal.
  22. Healthy people give better gifts.
  23. Healthy people multiply their influence.
  24. Healthy people don’t worry about the world running out of ideas.
  25. Healthy people celebrate other people’s accomplishments.
  26. Healthy people find common ground.
  27. Healthy people don’t assume you’re a bad person just because you disagree on something.
  28. Healthy people recognize great ideas.
  29. Healthy people do better than expect to.
  30. Healthy people share credit for their success and take credit for failure.
  31. Healthy people make every room they enter better.
  32. Healthy people want to live longer.
  33. Healthy people aren’t afraid to start over.
  34. Healthy people can take criticism and become better.
  35. Healthy people can take praise and remain humble.
  36. Healthy people don’t fish for compliments, they attract them.
  37. Healthy people are always more concerned about someone else in the room.
  38. Healthy people assume the best.
  39. Healthy people are quick to speak well of others.
  40. Healthy people are ok with quiet.
  41. Healthy people have enough.
  42. Healthy people are dissatisfied with their growth but patient with others’ growth.
  43. Healthy people think before they speak.
  44. Healthy people apologize.
  45. Healthy people seek to right wrongs.
  46. Healthy people don’t need things as much as they need people.
  47. Healthy people don’t rely on debt to live well.
  48. Healthy people have great friends.
  49. Healthy people never have trouble finding someone with a pickup truck to help.
  50. Healthy people will drop everything when their friend needs them.
  51. Healthy people measure life in memories.
  52. Healthy people buy based on value instead of cost.
  53. Healthy people seek advice.
  54. Healthy people take advice.
  55. Healthy people keep learning.
  56. Healthy people sing even when they’re not good singers.
  57. Healthy people take pride in things without being prideful.
  58. Healthy people give their stuff away.
  59. Healthy people invite people to their dinner table.
  60. Healthy people give without announcing it.
  61. Healthy people remember how dumb they used to be.
  62. Healthy people risk looking foolish.
  63. Healthy people are honest with everyone.
  64. Healthy people are the same at home as they are at work.
  65. Healthy people reserve their best for their family.
  66. Healthy people smile at strangers.
  67. Healthy people tip well.
  68. Healthy people are willing to start over.
  69. Healthy people can be alone without being lonely.
  70. Healthy people listen well.
  71. Healthy people tell their friends the truth even when it hurts for their friend to hear it.
  72. Healthy people notice sunsets.
  73. Healthy people are grateful for sunrises.
  74. Healthy people try new things.
  75. Healthy people are emotionally honest.
  76. Healthy people admit their weaknesses.
  77. Healthy people say, “I don’t know.”
  78. Healthy people dream of more and are willing to work to get it.
  79. Healthy people leave a legacy.
  80. Healthy people tell you when you have something in your teeth or a booger in your nose.
  81. Healthy people encourage.
  82. Healthy people sleep well.
  83. Healthy people appreciate their meals.
  84. Healthy people love their work.
  85. Healthy people know how to stop working.

Did I forget anything?

How to make 3D artwork for your digital products; ebooks, audio programs, videos

paperbackstanding2Have you ever wondered how people get those cool three dimensional images for their digital products? There are several options but most are very expensive and require a level of expertise that most of us don’t have. Doing it yourself is an option but that often requires specific software (Photoshop) that is total overkill.

Announcing the Easy 3D Covers Tool:

  • Launching in early January 2014ipadvertical
  • 103 unique product templates
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Mac/PC compatible
  • Subscription options that fit any budget
  • Completely web-based
  • Video tutorials to shorten the learning curve
  • Personal email support

Now you can make great 3D cover art in less than five minutes. Watch the video below to see proof.

** Video is at 2X speed to save you some time **

You can also click here to watch the video

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Video Webinar: How to Finally Achieve Success in 2014! w/ Michael Hyatt

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Webinar Information

    What: Live video webinar
    Who: Michael Hyatt & Andy Traub
    When: December 30, 2013 at 1 PM CT
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    Questions we’ll answer

  1. Why is setting goals the key to achieving the life you want?
  2. Why do people that set goals so often fail to achieve them?
  3. What are the three metrics of healthy goals?
  4. Why should business and family goals mix?
  5. Why do we fear creating goals and how do we defeat that fear?

Hyatt Traub
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