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There are over a dozen ways you can start a conversation with me right now. Most of them I monitor and I respond within 24 hours to all of them. Then you feel like you should respond. Then I feel like I should respond. Here are three words I’ve started adding to instant messages, tweets and emails.

No reply necessary.

Translation – You’re off the hook. Don’t fill my inbox with;
“Sure thing.”
“I appreciate that.”
“You know it.”
“See you then.”

Save yourself some time and give the other person a chance to move on with their life.
You could leave a comment on this blog post but..No reply necessary.


  1. onepursuit says

    Some folks I know would probably implode if they were told not to send an acknowledgement or “thank you!” You’re going against the grain of generations of Southern cultural expectations :) When someone politely acknowledges you, they’re not doing it with the intention of annoying your or generating trash in your inbox or preventing you from moving on with your life. Implying that they are is… well… kinda rude, ungrateful, and unfriendly. Besides, it’s your responsibility to decide what you respond to and what you don’t.

    While I appreciate inbox overload, I don’t mind a polite acknowledgement that the person has received my response. I just don’t feel obligated to thank them for their thank you to me!

    • says

      @onepursuit The point is to let them off the hook by telling them they don’t need to reply. It’s not impolite because you let them off the “cultural expectation” of responding. Good thoughts though. Thx for commenting. Maybe us Northerners are just rude 😉

      • sdcrane says


        If someone feels like they’re “on the hook”, then they feel like they’re on the hook. Not sure what this accomplishes other than a few less messages here and there. Email and other “messaging” can be handled in batch, and hitting delete a few extra times is really no big deal.

  2. otteydw says

    See, I’m more likely to read “No reply necessary” as “Here is the answer to your question. I do not want any further correspondence about this topic.” I guess that would be my fault for interpreting what isn’t there, but I’d also be cautious that other email readers may think the same.

    • says

      @otteydw I think that’s pretty accurate actually. The question is, “Is it bad to end the conversation?” I don’t think it is. It lets the other person off the hook. If they know me they know they can follow up with another email. It’s not PUSHING them away, it’s letting them (and me) skip the niceties and move on with our lives/work. Thx for commenting by the way. Let me know if you give it a try.

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