Jeff Goins – Empowering you to make great stuff – 031

Running Time: 41:20

We visit with Jeff Goins, a writer from Franklin, Tennessee who empowers you to become a writer too.

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Show notes:

Thanks for joining me for another episode of the Unofficial Linchpin Podcast. Today I talk with Jeff Goins, a writer who lives in Tennessee who I believe is doing Linchpin work and also recently wrote a book called You are a writer that has helped ME do more of my own work as I pursue writing a book myself.

You can find this and all of our past episodes at as part of the Take Permission Media Network. THanks for listening, thanks for your feedback and thanks for your support of this show. Remember that you can always call in your feedback or questions for the shows at 615-200-TAKE – 615-200-8253 or email us at Here’s my interview with Jeff Goins…

You Are a Writer is an introduction to the wonderful, messy world of writing — and how it all begins with a simple mental shift that changes everything: You are a writer; you just need to write.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why most writers struggle with confidence
  • How to stop waiting to be picked and start choosing yourself
  • The secret to getting your work published and your brand noticed

I’m joined today by Jeff Goins, a friend and author who in the last month released a book called “You are a writer”.  After reading it, I knew I had to have him on the Linchpin podcast because you, the listener, need to hear what he has to say.

Thanks for being on the show today Jeff!

First, let me tell folks that they can find you at and you’re on Twitter at JeffGoins. If folks want to leave a comment on this episode of the Linchpin podcast they can do that at

“I found my dream not by searching for it, but by submitting to what I had always hoped was true: I was, in fact, a writer. All I had to do was write. Anyone can do this. All it requires is a simple, scary solution: Believe you already are what you want to be. And then start acting like it.”


“Writing is mostly a mind game. It’s about tricking yourself into becoming who you are. If you do this long enough, you begin to believe it. And pretty soon, you start acting like it.”


“So I started saying I was a writer. I put it on my Facebook page. Included it in email signatures. Everywhere I could, I wrote that I was a writer. It was kind of ridiculous, but something crazy happened as a result of this campaign. It actually worked.”

Is that a form of fake it till you make it? Who are you faking in that situation, you or your audience?

Fear of self.

Walking on Water 

“The more I love what I do, the more others do, too. This is the paradox: When you stop writing for readers’ affections, your work will affect more people.”

Can you give me a practical example of that happening in your life? (maybe talk about magazine that wouldn’t call you back and now calls you).

“The only person you need to worry about writing for is you. This is the secret to satisfaction in anything: doing what gives you life and not trying to live up to others’ expectations.”

Why does that give us freedom? Isn’t our work for other people?

“When I started writing every day, I realized a painful truth: I can’t react and create at the same time. Neither can you.”

Jon Acuff wrote a post entitled “How to be a rock star” where he said The Internet has made it ridiculously easy to promote your dream, your craft, your passion, your whatever. As someone who writes books and throws events, that is awesome. But that ease comes with a consequence. The temptation is to spend more time on promoting what you’re doing instead of practicing what you’re doing. Honing your skills, putting in the hours to improve, working hard while no one is watching. Promoting makes people think you’re great. Practicing actually makes you great. There’s a huge difference between those two things.

How do you keep shipping? Have you won the battle or do you have to keep fighting?×5/never-save-it-for-later/

Jeff, thanks for being on the show today my friend. I really hope we can connect when I’m in Nashville in the fall and until then, keep shipping.


  1. Ev says

    Thanks for the podcast Andy & Jeff. Loved the conversation about the purpose of art is to push boundaries and surprise people. Ties into Seth Godin’s idea that we’re all weird, and that’s a good thing.

    Nice job.

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