Jonathan Milligan: Blog coach – He’s giving away free time so take it.

It seems so simple

Blogging seems so simple and that’s where people lose traction. They don’t do the little things that make blogs stick. They don’t do the research on keywords. They don’t think through their titles. They don’t add the right tags to their pictures and posts. They’re a lot like ME.

They’re smarter

There’s always someone who knows more than you. Instead of seeing them as competition try to work with that person.

Sign up with Jonathan

Blog coach Jonathan Milligan has a group on the network called Blogging Your Passion where he dispenses a lot of free advice about blogging. If you want to learn how to blog better then take advantage of his blog coaching there. If you want some one on one time then I suggest you go there and sign up for a time with him. As of the posting of this he’s still got some time slots open. Will he try to sell you some further blog coaching? Maybe. Is he worth every penny if you ever do give him one? Yes.

You can improve

With Jonathan’s help I will be improving my site and my writing. I can improve. So can you. Go, get some time with Jonathan Milligan and then comment below with the things you want to improve on in your blogging. I’d appreciate knowing that I”m not the only person who has some improving to do.


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