How to schedule a meeting in 30 seconds using one email (video)

I’m constantly setting up one on one meetings. I spend a lot of time in my inbox so I’ve found is a great way for me to schedule those meetings. It’s as simple as this.

1. Connect the service to your gmail account
2. Compose a new message (including messages in an existing email thread)
3. Choose a meeting day, length and location.
4. Send the email. does the rest for you

A few other details of interest:

–  Gives the recipient the chance to see the meetings times in their own time zone.
– Your recipient doesn’t have to use Google Calendar or Gmail.
– You can choose three meeting days but they must be adjacent. Example July 7,8,9 but not July 7,8,10
– Every meeting request email includes a link to reschedule the meeting if necessary.
– You can make any chances you want to the existing meeting inside your calendar.

Video Tour:

Click here if you can’t see the video player
I’ve used a lot of scheduling tools but seems to be the simplest. Are you going to try it out or do you have a different tool you use for scheduling meetings?

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