Win at Jeopardy and life with the Forrest Bounce

If you want to win at life then you need to be willing to use the Forrest Bounce.

Arthur ChuArthur Chu has won over $102,000 on Jeopardy because he’s employing that unique strategy. He pics different amounts in different categories while playing Jeopardy and his opponents are having a difficult time keeping up.

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Purists are irrelevant
The goal of Jeopardy is to win fairly. Arthur Chu is winning and he’s not breaking any rules. If you want to win at life I suggest you take permission and try different categories. Move around and try different hobbies, restaurants, routes to work or even where you live. If some people don’t approve it doesn’t matter. It’s not their life or in Chu’s case, it’s not their game.

Who is your competition?
The competition that you need to outmaneuver is complacency, fear and the habit of doing what you know instead of what might be. In your business, your writing, your parenting and your dreaming, try the Forrest Bounce.

Move around.
Become unpredictable.
Surprise even yourself.

If you can ignore the purists and have the guts it’s a winning strategy. Just ask Arthur Chu.

Where do you mix things up in your life and vary from the “norm”? Has it paid off?
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    I do transcription, but I don’t specialize in the sense that I do not do only medical transcription. This has helped tremendously, because the medical industry is moving towards doing everything by computer in drop-down boxes instead of dictating medical files. It also adds variety to my work.

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    This makes me think of Timothy Ferris and his boxing hack. He looked at the rules and following them got a title. Of course now everyone does what he did.

    How about Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile in 1954? He did something that every runner now does and they keep breaking what some said was impossible!

    We must look behind the curtain!

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