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Breast cancer

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  • It would be good to read that section to start every day. – Section 79 (Kindle)
  • Did a photo session jam and left feeling like it could be bigger
  • Father died from lung cancer
  • Looked for photo shoots around breast cancer support
  • ProjectStoryboard
  • The tweets that brought us together:
  • Peter was the only one who said Peter couldn’t do it.
  • He had to put a deadline (shoot date) out in order to get the donations
  • Leer Jet, Dodge Vipers, Stretch Hummer Limo
  • Get the book at
  • Started a BIGGER breast cancer project in 2010
  • Allison – A fairy tale photo shoot
  • Eric – Male breast cancer survivor
  • Chick-fil-a Calendar
  • How it helped him professionally:
    • – More connections because he needed help
    • – Stretched him too
    • – Taught him to create opportunities
    • – A lot of starting photographers have reached out to him for help
  • Develop Indispensability – Location 136
  • Build a tolerance of what you can handle later on
  • 279 Days To Overnight Success
  • How to find a wedding photographer – A practical guide for the busy bride
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